Are You One in Five?

Are You One in Five?

Are you one in five? Being one in five is being twenty percent of the whole. Being twenty percent means that the rest is eighty percent. Why is this significant? Because it comes back to the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule means that 80 % of the value of something is found in the first 20% of something.

Take a list of ten things.

The first two items on the list hold 80% of the value of the list. This is a rule that has been a part of business and really, most aspects of life. It applies to many things. If you look around, I am sure that you can find how the rule applies to much of the world around you.

Are you one in five?

This brings us back to the one in five rule, the 80/20 rule. The question is, are you the twenty percent that will stand up and be a leader. If you are a leader you can easily find another five and one in that group will become a leader as well. You will see the application of the 80/20 rule applies to many things.

This brings us to the rule of five.

The rule of five means as you group things into fives, it will bring more organization in to your life. It will help you to succeed in what you what out of life. Find five people who you look up to and ask for their help. Find five people in history who have influenced your life. Find five people you can help in this life. Find five people who have already helped you get to where you are today.

Look and see how the rule of five can help you.

Look at these examples and see how they help you to advance you on your path. You will see the truth if you look for it. The rule of five applies in business and the rule of applies to real life.

The rule of five in business.

If you draw from the five most successful people in the business, you too will be a guiding light to five others down line to you. Some will see this and do nothing. You will see this and know that you were going to win more and bring wealth and happiness to the family.

It is good to have all this in place before you choose retirement for you but it is okay if you don’t. Everything will have to have an excellent. Choose Wealth and happiness! Choose for you and choose for your loved ones.

Choose and be that one in five!

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