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The Dance of Life!

the dance of life

The Dance of Life! Whom The Gods Cannot Lead, They Drag   Carl Jung said that. My response to this is, when we remember the dance of life, we will no longer be dragged. We need to remember the dance to be able to truly celebrate life. We need to celebrate life to live life. …

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Some musings about sailing and safety and stuff…

Some musings about sailing and safety and stuff… This has already been a good sailing season, whacky, but good. One of the times I started out with a tee shirt, long pants and my jacket and ended up adding my sweatshirt, winter coat, gloves with shoes AND SOCKS! Yes, even socks! For anyone who knows …

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How About a Resolution of Kindness?

How About a Resolution of Kindness? How are your resolutions working out? We are in the second month of the year and many people have already slipped back to their old ways. This is not an article to make anyone feel bad for not keeping the promises they made as 2015 was coming to an …

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Forgiveness In The New Year!

Forgiveness In The New Year!   How was your holiday? Good, I hope. It was for us, various family gatherings throughout the whole season made for a special time. It was wonderful to see how some of the family we don’t get to see have changed and the adventures they have chosen. We got to …

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It’s Time To Meet The Universe – It’s a Miracle!

It’s Time To Meet The Universe - It's a Miracle!

It’s Time To Meet The Universe – It’s a Miracle! This sounds like a pretty grand statement and it is if you only think of it as the celestial bodies in outer space. I am talking about something much larger than that. I am talking about our entire universe. It’s huge! If we start to …

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It’s Just a Coincidence!


It’s Just a Coincidence!   It’s just a coincidence you say? Many people do say it’s just a coincidence when something happens that is fortunate in their lives. Why is it that we see these things as happenstance when certain things come into our lives? Also, why is it when we are looking into the …

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Welcome back!

Welcome to my site!  If you’ve been here before you will notice a lot of changes.  That is because I got hacked!  Naughty people from the “bad” list added 2000 pages of crap onto my site.  Not good! I had to dump the whole thing and start from scratch.  Remember the important thing about backup, …

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Amazon Electronics!

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Amazon – Your Link To The World Of Treasures!

Hello! From time to time I will be putting some special links to deals that Amazon is having and you can easily link over to them. Check out these deals today!

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