Be Careful What You Say, Someone Might Be Listening!

Be Careful What You Say, Someone Might Be Listening!

This is a long and maybe foreboding title but it is an important message in and of itself. In reality, it is not so foreboding, but still very important, when you understand that someone is you. Yes, you. You say things all day long, out loud and to yourself. You say positive things and negative things.

How and what we say is very important. It governs our day from the moment we wake up to the time we fall asleep at night. What we say out loud and our thoughts either carry us through or drag us down. We have all heard and some make comments along the lines of, “That meal is to die for.” “I’d kill for another piece of the chocolate cake.” “This job is killing me.” “I’ll die if I don’t get that next opportunity.” And the list goes on.

Some “rational” people will say that it’s only an expression, I didn’t really mean it or everybody says that. Maybe so, but that doesn’t mean that we are somehow exempt from the effects of the language that we say or think to ourselves. There are plenty of people who will start with the “yeah buts.” They say something like “Yeah but that’s not what I meant.” or “Yeah, but I was only joking.” It does not matter what our particular “Yeah but” is, it still counts.

Why would we want to put out that negative energy? Everything we say and do creates a certain energy. Whatever it is, it puts certain things in motion for the next word or action. Each one begets another and then another. And so it goes throughout the day. We have countless actions and reactions, countless decisions to create our lives the way we feel is the best we can do. What is our best?

Listen to what you say, pay attention. Is what you are saying and reacting to, what you really want in your life? If so, then very good and you are on the right path. If you are finding that it isn’t what you want, are you doomed? Some people think so, but you are never ever doomed.

All we need to do is make another choice. This sounds too simple. Simple, yes, oftentimes not always easy. We all have our habits and these habits have been practiced over many years so it is not an easy transition. It takes time and patience and perseverance that will win the day for us. With persistence, we will shift into a better way, a way of more positivity and less sabotage in our lives.

We are responsible for our choices. The choices about everything we do and say are our choice, nobody else. There are some people who will say that others “made them act a certain way.” Some will say that they are the result of their past. This is true, to a point, but we are not doomed by our past. Our past is part of our education that brought us to this moment. If we were to look back at our lives, at all we have been through and accomplished we would see that it has been quite a journey. There are very few people who can say that they had the “perfect life” (whatever that is). But we need to understand that all that we have been through, good and bad, has gotten us here, at this moment. How are you doing now? What we decide to do with the next moment is under our control. What do you choose?

We always live in the present. When we remember events in the past, we bring all that information into the present moment and our bodies create the same chemistry we had in the past because of our emotions connected with the event. Notice how good you feel when you bring up a wonderful experience. Your body is creating the chemistry you had in the past. But you are still in this present moment. It also works for the negative. When you relive a negative event, you create all the chemistry associated with that time. This is what happens when people refer to “negative triggers” that affect them so much. They are experiencing the same chemistry in their bodies from the past.

When you feel these emotions, your body’s chemistry shifts. The science behind this is formidable and is easily researched but the bottom line here is that the positive events, either real or imagined, will create chemistry in the brain that will help your immune system and bring better health. Negative events on the other hand, will break down your immune system and encourage disease. (dis-ease) As the title of one of Peter McWilliams books suggests, “You Can’t Afford The Luxury of a Negative Thought.” He speaks of how we too easily accept negative thinking as being normal and dealing with the challenges when changing our mindset to a more positive and healthy path.

As you begin to study this idea, you will find much in all formats that will back up the importance of positive thinking. This is not Polly Anna thinking, this is changing your thinking to change your life. This is actually shifting the chemistry of the brain. Some of the authors in this field are: Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Dr. Bruce Lipton. These are just a few of the people who are bringing an awareness of the importance of right thinking. Right thinking will change your health and help you achieve what is important in your life.

You also have the choice of how you react to others who are in your circle. Most of the ones in your circle are pretty easy to get along with but as your circle expands, it becomes a little trickier. We need to remember that we are all teachers and students. These teachers are teaching us either how to be or how not to be. Sometimes it may be fluid and other times it is very obvious who to follow. The important thing is that we need to be aware and mindful of the learning and choose what is best for us. When we do, we are better able to tap into this energy and help others as well. Then we become the teachers and we all improve.

As we become more aware of our self-talk we can be more comfortable when we listen to what we say and how others will listen to what we say as well. Just pay attention! A good bumper sticker, yes? Yes!

Bring the positive, life-giving talk into your lives and start sharing. Maybe we will change the world. At least we will change ourselves!

Peace, Love, and Coconuts!

Rev. Don

s/v Margaret Elizabeth

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