Bring Love To It!

bring love to itBring Love To It!

Bring Love to it sounds easy enough.  BUT, it isn’t is it?  The title of the blog suggests this and it is something I express often. But if you pay attention you will notice that I say, “It is more simple than that!”

Simple is not necessarily easy.  Quite often it is the opposite, at least in the beginning.  Starting on a new path is always tricky at first.  At first?  Heck it can be tricky for quite a while down the new path!  We begin to wonder if this is really worth it at all and begin to doubt ourselves, and the person or persons who talked you into the change in the first place.  “What the heck was I thinking!”  “This is pie-in-the-sky, airy-fairy bovine excrement!”   “This is STUPID!”  Well, you get the idea.

Many give up at this point.  Manly because they see no point.  No point in the new path.  No point in the idea of making a change in their lives.  Maybe even no point in their life.  This is very sad.  But there is always hope.  We always have a chance to make a change when we finally make the choice.

This is the key NOTHING WILL HAPPEN until WE make the choice to make the change!


Simple, are you ready for it?  Here it comes!

Simply decide to make a change.  Some kind of change.  It doesn’t matter at first.  Change creates motion and that means action.  Action is what will start to move you forward.  Or at least in some direction.  THEN you can begin to refine this into a path that you are willing to walk.  A path that will make a change in your life that will help you and all of those around  you.

Pretty profound stuff, huh?  Not really.  Just truth.

Truth is simple.  When truth gets complicated it starts to veer away from itself and then we’re off the track.  Remember when I said that it really is simple?  It is.

We really only have two choices in life.  Two.  That’s it.  Simple, right?

We can only choose between Love and fear. These are the only choices that we have, that’s it.  You may think that it is more complicated than that and that is because YOU are making it so.  Or the people around you are and you are buying into it.

When you start to balance any choice you make on the Love/fear scale you will find that the choices become more simple.  Again, not always easy, rarely really, until the pattern becomes more natural. But, oh so important!  You see, when you start looking at the world (your life) with this scale, then you only have two choices. This or that.  Love or fear.

Simple, but there is more.  As we bring Love to all we do (remember this post is about bringing Love to it) we also are bringing more Love into the world.  The cynic will say, “What good is that for me?” And we say back to him, “EVERYTHING!”

You see, there is no way that we are not connected to everything else in this world.  We may feel like we aren’t connected to anything.  (This is may be part of the problem.)  If we are not aware of this connection then we are dragging the rest of the world around with us, only not in a good way, kicking and screaming.  It would be so much better if we could shift our paradigm to “We are all on a lovely walk in the woods.”  Some of us get this and seem to go through life with less stress.  Others of us don’t get this and send all sorts of negative energy out and this binds us to everyone and everything.


Just bring Love to it!

It all changes when we start to bring Love to it.  Bring Love to all you do.  Make every choice from a Love base instead of fear.  The more you do, the better your life will change and things will become less stressful.  More opportunities will come your way.  Your eyes will be open to this new world.  be patient, remember, three steps forward and two steps back is still going forward!

Yes, the world will start to look different!

You might even remark that it is interesting that the world around you is starting to get better.

This is your energy and the energy that you allow to flow through you that makes it happen!

Congratulations!  You are on the road to a better life!

If you don’t believe me, you can always go back to the way you’ve always been.  But really, how’s that been working out for ya?

Just bring Love to it!


Donald Hood

Open Faith Ministry






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