Family Is More Than Relatives!

family is more than relatives

I have just come back from three weeks of traveling. That’s not much for some of you club members but for me, it was a long time away from my boat. The blessing was that I was with my über family. What is an über family? An über family is the people in your life who are more than your biological family. Your biological family are ones who show up by birth or marriage, the ones we call relatives.

Your über family are the ones who show up as you travel your path through life. This may include your relatives, at least some of them but not limited to them. These are the ones who show up at events, organizations, people who you meet on the path and take the time to sit on the bench and connect.

Connecting with each other is important. Some of us will connect rather quickly with others and some take time. However and whenever this happens is a matter of many variables all falling into place to make a good match. This isn’t a match as serious as romance and marriage although that can be part of it. It is more of a match of common interests, which may be a simple as being in the same place at the same time.

If we begin to connect like this with someone usually there are a number of points which we discover that line up. Sometimes there are many things and it may seem to be a surprise and call it a coincidence. I used to call coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous. Dr. Wayne Dyer in one of his talks said that the coincidence is a perfect match. The root of coincidence is coincide. This means two things lining up perfectly as in geometry with two angles coming together to form a perfect third.

Either way we look at it is a good thing, something that is bound to happen. Does this mean that everything is predestined? That is a whole other discussion for another time. We have free choice so whether or not we take the path presented to us or another either is okay. I feel that if the universe wants us to learn something it will nudge us along until we pay attention. Sometimes it is a whack on the side of the head but one way or another the universe will get our attention!

When we allow all of this to flow as a natural aspect of life we find that life is easier and much more enjoyable. If we go through life kicking and screaming then of course the world is full of strife. I wrote about allowing the world to unfold as it needs to in an earlier article so you can refer to that if you like. The point here is to allow your über family grow naturally and embrace all the joys and wisdom that comes from that.

I started out with Jackie right after the Anniversary party and drove down to O’Hare airport to fly out to Sacramento at five in the morning. We rented a car and drove to Loomis to see her daughter get married. We got there in time to refinish the top of her dining room table and enjoy the wedding. Needless to say we both slept well that night.

There was quite a variety of people that day as the groom is a county sheriff and a biker, Harley Davidson, of course. Jackie’s daughter is learning how to ride and Jackie is learning how to hold her breath! So there were cops, bikers, hikers, neighbors and family. Quite a mix of people and all wrapped up with good beer, good food and good music. What does this have to do with my über family? Just that within this group I found some very interesting folks who shared their life as I shared with them. My family grows.

After the wedding we headed down to the gold country for some history and a look at the big trees. We stopped by a small town called Amador and had a drink at the Imperial Hotel. Then we drove on to Murphy’s, another gold town, and spent a night at the Murphy’s Hotel and Bar. We spent time with friends in Livermore, a part of the wine country, and then drove down to Half Moon Bay.

During all of this traveling and visiting we met many interesting people and shared pieces of our lives together over meals, drinks and walks along the coast.

One of the interesting aspects about some of the people who we met were guests who were involved with the fires. There were firefighters, evacuees and utility people all staying at the hotels. Each had a story to tell but in spite of all the tragic destruction caused by the fire, the attitude was strong and positive and everyone pulling together was heartwarming.

On one of our walks along the coast we ran into a couple sitting on a log. Jackie went over to visit while was taking some pictures of the shoreline. I noticed the gentleman was wearing a hat from the USS Hornet. He was a navy pilot and he said it was fun to con an aircraft carrier. (This means he was in charge of navigating the vessel.) Here is a man, now in his eighties, who has built his own plane, served our country, has sons who are fliers and loves to go for walks along the coast. He also sails his own boat!

It was great to meet the local people and learn more about the history of California. I am blessed as my über family grows and it keeps growing as I go through my life.

Sharing is deeper than saying, “How ya doin’” and moving on without a response. It is connecting with other humans on this busy planet. Taking the time to really find out how someone is doing is important. Don’t pretend to ask the question if you don’t want an answer.

This last weekend we had some pretty wacky weather. High winds and waves embraced our shores with a cold fury! I decided that it was too wacky for me to venture out, imagine that! What that did do was to give me the opportunity to visit with some of my boat neighbors.

Chris Huntley came up to go out on Thursday but he said it was too lumpy for him (which I was fine about) so we hung out and had a few Guinness’s (Guinni?) We had a great time catching up on life and anything else that drifted by.

Later on Saturday I christened two boats and visited with a fellow sailor I have said hello to for years and we finally had time to get to know each other better. Some people complained about how bad the weekend was. I had a great time. Yes, I didn’t get to go sailing but I still embraced what was given to me and made the best of it.

When we talk about the weather we say 40% chance of rain. This is the guarantee; we have a 100% chance of weather everyday. Another thing we need to understand is that we all get 100% of life every day. Let’s make the best of it however we can. We can complain or we can be glad that we are here to do something. It is our choice to do what we want. Choose wisely!  Remember, family is more than relatives!

Life is good, share it, live it, Love it! Thanks for being part of my Über Family!

Peace, Love and Coconuts!

Rev. Don

s/v Margaret Elizabeth

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