Hacked, but I’m back!

Don’s Site Gets Hacked!


It is a sad thing when a site gets hacked.  I looked in on my site and found two things that were very disturbing.  One, that somehow there were extra  pages put on my site.  Secondly, I could not log into my site!

This is not good!  It took me all day to figure out what happened and get back on line.  In the mean time I lost my site because I had to dump the old site and load up a new one.  So that is why I have a new theme.  I don’t know if this will be the final theme but here it is for now.

I have put up an Amazon store with some really good books and CDs. Also, there are a number of obvious links to the regular Amazon site that may be of interest. Let it be known that I do make a little bit when you buy stuff on Amazon through my site for which I am extremely grateful If you are going to buy something from Amazon anyway, why not go through my site? It will not cost you anything more to do this and it will help with the cost of the site.

I will bring back my articles. I have lost all of the ones on the site. I will try to bring back some of them but I am always writing so there will always be more.

Thank you for your loving support with all of this and I hope none of you will ever have this happen to you!

Stay tuned!

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