It’s Time To Meet The Universe – It’s a Miracle!

It’s Time To Meet The Universe – It’s a Miracle!

It’s Time To Meet The Universe - It's a Miracle!

This sounds like a pretty grand statement and it is if you only think of it as the celestial bodies in outer space. I am talking about something much larger than that. I am talking about our entire universe. It’s huge!

If we start to look at life as a miracle then we begin to see the real world. This is the world that comes to us in the largest of ways and also the smallest of ways. This is how we can begin to understand that the universe is vast, beyond our comprehension. We can see great portions of it and yet there is so much more.


From where we are on this planet in our little space where we happen to be at the moment we can quiet ourselves and let ourselves reach out to the galaxies far, far away (yes I said that) but also look into the smallest of particles and know that we are a part of it all. Everything is also a part of us. We are connected to all of it. We aren’t just connected to our parents and children or even our biological families. We are connected to everything!


So, on one level you could look at this and feel very small, too small to really have much meaning or effect on the world around us. On the other hand we could look at this as the beginning of an understanding that we are truly connected and start paying attention to our thoughts and reactions to this world. I am speaking from the smallest to the largest; we have an effect by our very presence.


Do we need to go to the other side of the world and take responsibility for what is going on? No, of course not, but you do have the responsibility to affect the world around you. You affect everyone, your family and friends, some of your larger circles, everyone! Also, and most important, you have the responsibility on the effect you have on yourself. As you understand how this all works and put your thoughts in motion you will see that it all starts with you.


This isn’t the ego you, we can get into the whole ego thing later, it is about you as a part of it all. A part of the smallest and a part of the largest. What you do does make a difference. What you do to make your life better will help the entire universe be better. Big words? Maybe, but remember, everything affects everything.


So, where do we go from here? Just be mindful in what we do and what we say and begin to see the world a little differently. Everything is affected by energy. The energy we put out to the world affects how we see the world. Energy is important. We see results of this all the time. If we pay attention, we can sense the positive or negative energy when we enter a room full of people. We see it when we come together as a group of positive, like-minded people. We see it in the strength of prayer. There are countless stories of people who have been healed with prayer. Paying attention to this will bring more clarity and energy into your life. However you decide to build on this energy is fine. It is even up to you to build it in the positive or the negative. We all know people who seem to work at it either way. I recommend working on the positive. All methods can be effective. Only good can come of this mindfulness.


One of the things I do to help with this awareness is to meditate. Sometimes I sit and meditate in the more traditional way but not always. I am mindful of this connection usually when I am out in nature. It is easy to do. You can just walk out the door or get into a forest and feel the energy there. I was at the Arboretum in Lisle, IL one time and just walking along a path that went into a grove of trees. I could literally feel the difference. I walked in, then out and then back in again just to make sure that was what I was feeling was this positive energy. It is all around us and we are part of it.


Of course my most favorite way to remember my connection is out sailing. When I am out on the lake and sailing along in a nice groove, that is when I look around and notice how I, and everything around me, is part of the whole shebang. At one point I’m just a little boat out in the middle of the water but it is so much more, it is huge! Life is huge, life is good! Life is wacky. Experience shows us that, but when we can open up to the larger picture of the interconnectedness of everything, we can understand that life is unfolding as it must and life is good, everything is a miracle.


Embrace it all because you are a part of it all, it’s all a miracle!


Peace, Love and Coconuts!

Rev. Don

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