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sailing and safetyLost and Found

I usually write about blessings this month because it is November and Thanksgiving is the big event. But I have written about blessings many times so the focus of this article is not about blessings but more about our paths and what we do about that.

As we travel our path we often find ourselves distracted by many things that may seem good ideas at the time but keep us off the path as we would like it to be. There is nothing wrong with going off the path as long as we can get back on again. And we always can. Some people think that all is lost if we get too far off and feel that we are not good enough. But in reality, we can always come back, we are always able to come back. We are always welcomed back with open arms.

And maybe that is where the blessings come in to play. We are always blessed even if we don’t believe it. Even if we feel that we have gone so completely off the rails and that there is no hope. That just isn’t true. There is always hope because we are always Loved beyond measure and we can always get back up again.

There is a wonderful Sufi saying that says, “It is not so important that you remember that God is in your heart but that you remember that you are always in His.” What this means is no matter how bad you think it is, you are always Loved beyond measure and you can always get back on track.

Cool! How do we get back on track? There are many ways to do it and all of them are just fine. Everyone has a favorite. One of mine is sailing. I know, you are all surprised, but when I go out for a sail most times I feel so connected with all that is around me that it is one of the best restorative things that I can do. I say that it is my therapy. I feel this way in all kinds of conditions, whether the wind and waves are strong or light, it is being one with it all that makes it good for me. And I am never really alone out there, and that is the best thing. Whatever you choose that feels like a connection to a foundation of peace is good. Connection is the important part however it works for you. Pay attention and it will come to you. It is a way to celebrate life and celebrating life is what we need to do to restore ourselves and to bring that energy through to all we know.

We cannot share the Love that is there for us if we are in a state of anything less than Love. We talk of computers being so capable of doing so many things but, in fact, they can only do one thing at a time, they just do it really fast. We are like that too, maybe not the fast part, but we can do only one thing at a time. There is no way that we can share God’s Love if we are pissed off. Plain and simple. Sure we get upset about things. I do. But if I’m upset, I am not in a place where I can allow God’s Love to shine through.

We can be upset about an injustice. We can be upset and do the “right thing.” But (Behold the Underlying Truth) we cannot share the Truth of His Love if we are doing anything other than allowing His Love to come through. Only when we let go of the conflict and connect with Him and allow His Love to shine through can we really be in the state of Grace.

We can be “righteous” all over the place and preach about God and Love and how it is supposed to be and how everyone else is wrong and only THIS way is the “right way” and still not be able to share God’s Love. Only when we look at our world with Love will we be able to bring about change in ourselves and therefore the world. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Tich Naht Hahn said, “The only way to find peace is to find peace within.” And Jesus said, “You must find the Kingdom of Heaven within.”

All of this is saying that we must be in the space of peace and Love to be able to share peace and Love. We cannot give what we don’t have. The beauty of this is that the more you share, the more you get. There is an abundance without measure for all of us and we just need to tap into this empowerment.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all did this? “It’ll never happen!” “You’re too altruistic!” “There is too much hate in the world!” “ You’re too naïve!” “You’re too Disney!” I’ve been told all of this and more.

Maybe some of this is true. Maybe all of this is true in their reality. But, (there’s that word again) why can’t I start with me or you start with you? Yes, we have had many people throughout history say that enough is enough and I am going to make a difference. And they do! Some of them have hard endings but they made a difference. We all can make a difference, every one of us. Even if it is only deciding for yourself that this time, this time I will step out in Love instead of fear.

The author/speaker Alan Cohen says in his book that we need to start the day by sitting quietly and asking God what is the best way to share His Love and go forth and share that Love in all we do. What good advice! So many pray and pray and so few stop to listen to what He has to say. You know He will always tell you to go out and Love, but listen to how He wants you to do it. The more we open up to His message to us, the more we can share it with others.

Sharing with others is what this is all about. It is wonderful to connect with His Love and feel all warm and good inside but it is like filling a cup with water and letting it sit. Over time it will grow stagnant and begin to smell. Only the water that is allowed to flow is the water that has the living energy that will benefit all of us. The more we open up to this Love, the more we have to share. It’s a faucet of Loving energy. Part of the reason we like to be boaters is that the water is healing. This has been scientifically tested and maybe I will write more about this in another article.

The flowing of this energy is the vital link. It is the link that we are all searching for, yearning for. Maybe some don’t realize this but it is true, that is why we are here. Everyone is on the path, some are further along than others. Some don’t even know there is a path. This is all fine but once you know, you will begin to understand a different way, a way of peace. A way of Love. We are never really lost but we are always found.

Peace, Love, and Coconuts,

Rev. Don

s/v Margaret Elizabeth

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