New Detachment Therapy Class!

New Detachment Therapy Class!


A two-day workshop to help you to

become a complete hypnotherapist!


Developed by Donald Hood, CH, CDP


Have you ever encountered a situation with a client

that does not fit into the “normal” paradigm of standard hypnosis?


This workshop will give you the tools that you need to

be the complete hypnotherapist!


In this two-day workshop Don will help put you at ease and explain the amazing potential of this fascinating work. The workshop will provide tools and techniques for the complete hypnotherapist including history of depossession, case histories drawn from Don’s twenty years in the field. Methods of protection for you and your client, detection and discernment of the various types of attachments, releasement techniques, and follow-up will be addressed. Don will also discuss the difference and advantages of one-on-one and remote techniques.


Participants will gain hands on experience and have an opportunity to work with others in this very important and profound work. Each one will gain experience and be able to help their own clients with this valuable technique.  


February 16, 17, 2018


Just $195 brings you:

  • Lecture
  • Workbook
  • Guided practice sessions
  • Follow-up


Space is limited, so register today for this rare opportunity to

learn about a unique way to help your clients!


Call or email Don Hood at 630-728-3911 or today!


kinderWho is Donald Hood?

Donald Hood, CHt, CDP, a practicing hypnotherapist for thirty years, specializes in Past-Life Regression and Detachment Therapy. He brings these two modalities together to help his clients come to a center of peace based on their sense of spirituality. He is President of the Illinois Chapter of the Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis and Past President and trainer for the Institute of Lightworkers Alliance. He has been on TV and radio talk shows. Donald Hood also teaches and speaks to various groups in the Chicago area and the west coast. His private practice, A Center for Inner Peace, is located in Warrenville, IL. He is certified with ICARE/HIBR, NGH, NFH, and ILA.


Donald Hood is an ordained minister and practices under Open Faith Ministries whose focus is to help bring the Love of God to all people. He officiates weddings, memorial services and baby blessings from coast to coast but mostly in the Chicago area.

Download the information here!


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