The Real Power of Allowing

power of allowingThe Power of Allowing

This may seem like a contradiction in terms. When one thinks of allowing anything we usually think of giving our power away. This is true if we allow someone else to have power over us. Giving away our power is usually not a good thing to do.

However, if we look at the Power of Allowing as a way to increase our power and control over our own lives then it is a very good thing.

Quite often we allow others or other things to have control over us and we let go of our strength, energy and most importantly, our peace of mind. Many things in our lives seem to do this. We get caught up in our day-to-day grind. We get involved in things that we think we should have control over. We allow others and other events to take away our peace.

If we look closely at most of these things and events, we will see that there really isn’t anything that we can do to change them and in the big picture of our lives, most of them really don’t have a direct effect on our lives anyway.

Why do we let this happen? Why do we let so much affect us in negative ways? We live in a world of “shoulds.” We should do this, we should do that. We should be responsible for the rest of the world. We are constantly bombarded with media telling us that we “should” do one thing or other. Everything from what is in the news to buying the “next best thing.” “You should…”

Don’t “should” on yourself and don’t let anybody else “should” on you either!

Anytime we use that word or allow someone else to use that word on us, we are giving our power away. How does this relate to the Power of Allowing? Simply when we learn to allow others to think and express themselves without us taking responsibility for it, we gain power. We gain inner strength. Mostly, we don’t give away our power to others. Many times we don’t even realize that it is happening until after the event. We walk away from a conversation or situation and feel uneasy or “out of sorts” and this is when we have lost some of our power.

BUT (Behold the Underlying Truth!) when we just allow the others to say what they want and we don’t take any ownership of it. We let go of the importance, we diffuse the energy tied with it and it does not take our energy. Think of the times this has happened to you. Not just in personal relationships but with outside influences like the news, politics, business and many other events in our lives.

I am not saying that we need to “drop out” to make this work. In fact, by allowing others to be where they are and not trying to control them with “shoulds” or letting them do the same to you, you are using your energy most effectively. We can interact without giving away our power.

It is a choice. When we consciously choose to do something we are in control and we increase our power. When we are doing things that we don’t want to do we are giving away our power. Look at all the people who are involved in situations that they hate and look at their health. They are giving away their power. A child told by his mother to clean his room is grumpy and will avoid the project with all his energy. If however the child is involved in an activity that results in getting his room clean he has all the energy and more. We can get into a debate about raising kids but that is not the point. Think of it this way. Say you own a boat and feel that you have to go sailing. (You knew sailing was going to show up eventually!) You feel that you should go sailing. Somehow the universe is making you go sailing. You would dread the thought of having to go up and spend time on the boat. You might even think of all the excuses that going up to the boat is not a good idea. You would use up a lot of energy just to prove that boating is not good.

BUT, if you loved the boat and sailing and being out on the water and everything else that goes along with the experience then you feel energized every time you even think about the boat and sailing!

Do what energizes you! Find that which brings you energy and allow others to do the same. Allow yourself the gift of giving yourself this power.

The world is unfolding as it needs to and there is only a small part that we really have control over. That is our own response to what we allow into our lives. Allow what is good for you. Allow what will help you to do better in this crazy world. When you begin to do this you will find that the world is a better place and others around you will feel the same as well. Energy is energy. It is what you decide to do with it that will make you feel empowered or weakened. But, as you build yours, those around you will also feel empowered.

Peace, Love and Coconuts,

Rev. Don

Make this a better world and grab onto the power of allowing!

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