The Power of Allowing

The Power of Allowing

I may have spoken about this in an earlier article but I want to speak again to this important issue. The power of allowing is an important part of our maturation as empowered Children of God. You may wonder what does allowing have to with being empowered. Doesn’t that imply that if we allow others to do what they want they will have power over us? Controlling takes away from our power, doesn’t it?

the power of allowiing

Yes, that seems to be true but the truth of the matter is that when we learn to allow others to follow their paths then we have the power and energy to follow our own path. Aren’t we supposed to make sure that we all follow the straight and narrow and do “Gods Work?” If we don’t, we are not doing “God’s work, right?”

What is “God’s work?” What do we have to do with what He wants? How can we “mere mortals” do His work anyway? And if He is so omnipotent then what does He need us for in the first place?

First of all “God’s work” is about bringing His Love to the world. (Can’t He do that on His own?) Yes He can and does but He also needs us to do this too. He does this through us. We have free will and we can decide what we want to do. We can go ahead and share the Love He gives to us or block it from our awareness and think He doesn’t even exist. It is all right whatever we decide.   Because He gives us all the Love there is AND free will. We can accept it or not. The sun shines down on us all the time. It doesn’t ask for anything and does not judge whether we believe in the sun or not, it just does what it does without expectations.

God’s Love is similar. His Love for us is beyond measure and it is ours whether we accept it or not. We also have free will. God gives us His Love and if we don’t believe in Him He will allow us to follow our own path until we come to the realization that maybe, just maybe, our lives would be better with Him giving us a little guidance.

This brings us to the issue of allowing. God allows us to follow our own path. He has given us lessons and examples throughout our time on this planet on how to be and what to do. What we need to do is to allow God’s Love to flow through us and bring Love to all things.

Really, it is as simple as that. Of course simple is not always easy. Sometimes simple is definitely NOT easy! When we have someone in our face who is coming from a place of fear and claiming all sorts of “knowledge” about how life should be it is definitely not easy. It is still simple, however. The only choices we have in life are Love and fear. If we are not bringing Love to the issue at hand then there is a fear that should be addressed.

Should be addressed and can be addressed are two different things. There are some who own their fears so strongly that there is no moving forward in Love. There are some who feel that their fears are really a reflection of their love. Everyone needs to step back and take a deep breath and look to see how they can bring Love to the situation.

This is where allowing comes into play. We need to come from a true space of Love that we can allow the other person to walk the path they choose. This does not mean that the other person has a right to walk all over the other but it means that we need to rise to Love and move forward on that.

This may mean that we need to walk away from the situation until the other is able to come back and “play nice.” It is sad if the fear-based folk are family members. Family dynamics are the trickiest to handle sometimes. We need to remember that in the words of Richard Bach in his book, “Illusions” “The members of your true family are not necessarily blood related.”

Your real family is the group of people who are there for you without judgment, the ones who will support you when it’s needed and call you on your crap when that’s needed too. Blood family members do this too but sometimes they are too close to see the big picture. There is a huge difference between calling someone on their crap and just bringing negativity into the relationship. We don’t need people in our lives who seem to be always bringing negativity into our lives.

This is not a “Pollyanna, New Age or Disney” mentality that has no basis in reality. Your toxic “friends” are the ones who have a fractured idea of reality. If you could step back and see the big picture you would see the holes in their thinking. Usually there is a fear-based agenda that has more to do with their personal path than the one with you. It is important to step back, breathe and look at the situation with Love, without judgment and then make a wise choice to move forward with or without them.

There have been countless tests and blind studies about attitude and its effect on good health. Most of the illness in this country is stress related. Just look at the amount of drug commercials on TV. Do you notice that the majority of them are in and around the news programs? It’s like they induce you to watch a program that increases your dis-ease and then they offer the antidote, how nice. But then at the end of the offer they mention that the side affects my cause all kinds of unrest to your system maybe even death! Just the medicine I want to take for my depression, NOT!

Bringing Love to any situation is just good health. It just makes good sense. It is all about choice. How do you want to feel, which choice will bring you a greater sense of peace and a fulfilled life? You do have the choice to be how you want but don’t you want to feel better?

If we feel better we can share His Love which each other. That is what He wants of us. Each day we need to listen to Him with prayer or meditation or even doing something that will open our mind to His message. Maybe a walk in the woods or go sailing would help (you know I had to get sailing into this somehow!) And then take that message into the world with Love in your heart.

To some, this may sound frivolous or naïve but what it really is is a return to the Source and bring the Love back to the forefront in all we do. The world will continue whatever we choose but wouldn’t it be a better place if we brought Love to all we did in life? How do you think that could come to be?

Only by making the first choice. Only by standing up to the fear mongers and say, “That is enough!” “You have a right to be the way you are but you have no right to create a toxic life for me. No matter how right you think you are!”

Which brings us back to the power of allowing. We need to allow others to be the way they are but we don’t need to accept their behavior in our life. We need to bless them and let them go on their path. Their path is theirs and ours is ours. It is a respect for others so you can expect to have respect for yours. You may not always get it but you can still expect it. It really doesn’t matter whether you get the respect or not. The important thing is that you allow them their path with Love and no judgment and do the same for yourself. This second half is most important. Jesus said in order to be able to Love others we must first Love ourselves. It is the second commandment. The first being, Love the Father with all your heart.

When we allow others to walk their path it also gives us the power to let ourselves walk our own. We have the strength to stand up for ourselves because we aren’t wasting our energy trying to control others. It may be tricky to see someone we care about almost drive off the proverbial cliff but we cannot live their lives. Besides, we should be busy trying to live our own.

It is not Loving to try to make someone in our own image. Besides there is no way we could have the resources to make that happen. As much as we wish and hope for someone to change, the change will only happen from within. God has the power to do this but He gives us free will to decide for ourselves. It is our path. Sure, He will throw in a signpost or an event that will give us the opportunity to choose Love instead of fear but it all boils down to OUR choice and nobody else’s.

And yes, we get frustrated when someone we care about continually chooses fear instead of Love, but again, there is nothing we can do about it but Love them without judgment, without conditions and without expecting them to change into what we want. Should we expect more of ourselves than God? God expects each of us to be the best we can be, to choose Love as often as possible and move forward in His Love. This can only work if we allow each other to walk their path and choose Love in all we do. Let’s be an example of this Love instead of a harbinger of fear.

Remember the balance. If you need to make a choice, weigh the choice against fear or Love. If it is not coming from Love then there is fear involved and it needs to be addressed. If there is Love involved then embrace it!

It really is simple but, understandably, not easy. This whole Love thing is a process, a path unto itself. It is a path that we have the freedom to choose, or not. When we do choose this path we will find that our lives become better in many ways. Our stress level goes down, our blood pressure goes down the hormones that cause many diseases decrease. Only good can come of choosing Love instead of fear. Remember too that this is a path, a lifestyle that is a process. We shift our diets, we exercise and we can choose to bring Love into our lives each day.

Let us remember this simple choice and begin to notice the changes that take place in our lives. And, interestingly enough, those around us will begin to shift as well. It has been scientifically proven that when people start bringing Love into their lives that those around them will benefit as well. Let’s benefit all those around us and see how life changes for the better. Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” We need to be who we need to be first before we can expect any change outside of ourselves. As we grow, so will those around us because our vision will be more clear and we will see that, they too, are on a path. Maybe by seeing your change they will change. Like pebbles in the pond, our influence will keep spreading.

Breathe into this change, embrace this change! Just allow yourself to be and feel better. Allow and feel the power come back to you!

Peace, Love and Coconuts!

Rev. Don

s/v Margaret Elizabeth

Bless You! | blessings

Bless you  Bless You!

May is our month of blessing. Our Bay Shore Yacht Club Event for May was on the 17th, the day after St. Brandon’s Day. St. Brandon is one of the patron saints of the sea and sailors. For the Blessing of The Fleet, we meet at Peter and Jill’s and have a beautiful day and celebrate our boats, community and embrace the blessings showered down upon us from our Father. Good food, good time, good family and good blessings!

There’s an interesting thing about blessings. Most of my ministry deals with blessings. Besides blessing the fleet and any other craft that people need blessed, I marry, bury and baptize, not necessarily in that order, but it is what I do. All of it, every part of my ministry, deals with blessing and celebrating life. You see, a life truly lived is a life that is blessed.

As a minister, I’m often asked to bless this or that or who or whom and I’m always happy to do it. What we need to remember though is that we are already blessed. We are blessed beyond measure. Our Father shines down his blessing whether we want to accept it or not. This is the true blessing. The Blessing that is upon us whether we believe it, understand it or even if we think all this “God stuff” is a bunch of horse hockey. We are wholly and completely blessed whether we like it or not!

How can this be? Doesn’t God just bless the good guys and damn the rest? Don’t we have to prostrate ourselves and grovel for His Love?

No, we don’t!

God showers his Love upon us more than we can possibly conceive. He does this whether we are paying attention or not. The key here is that we need to allow God into our lives. Who are we, you ask, to allow God to do anything? We really aren’t, nor could we, restrict God in any way whatsoever. The point is that He gives all the Light and Love there is, it is up to us to accept it. Some people may have issues with this because the may feel that God has restrictions on His Love. The Truth is that He doesn’t! He is much bigger than that! It is up to us to accept His Love and allow it to work through us to everyone’s benefit.

We can think of it like the sun. The sun shines on us no matter who we are or how we act or even if we don’t believe in the sun! It is there giving us all the energy it has to give and doesn’t ask for anything in return. We can ignore it or we can tap into this resource and reap its benefits.

God’s Love is similar. If we are mindful of His Love we can reap the benefits of this amazing and wonderful gift! All of the worship, the rituals, prayers and the music is all to give thanks and remembrance to this gift of Unconditional Love that is already ours, if we were to bring it into our hearts.

The really amazing and wonderful part is this. When we do bring Him into our hearts we will discover that He is already there! Always was and always will be. This is the Alpha and Omega, the now and forever, the Infinite. This is the Love that is Love beyond measure and it is all for us, always and forever!

Pretty cool, right? I am not being flippant or take this lightly although Light is a major part of the big picture. The thing we need to do is be so mindful of this Love that we go through life with a smile on our face because the experience of this Love is almost overwhelming.

It may sound like I’m preaching but I am the chaplain and I am laying the foundation for the rest of this piece. We need to be mindful of all the gifts we receive throughout our lives. We must celebrate life!

To truly celebrate life we must be mindful of the blessings that we receive in abundance; blessings that come to us all the time. So, some of you might say, “How can I believe that there are blessings on me, look at all the crap I have to deal with!” I say to you, look to all of the things that you have in your life and you will see that the blessings out weigh the crap. If we really pay attention then we will find blessings all around us and they are precious and abundant. The beauty in nature is the first that comes to my mind but the beauty in a smile, a hug, a kind gesture, given or received. All of these and more are blessings that we can easily experience but often overlook.

But what about the intangible blessings that we experience? These are the feelings that we have when we do get that smile or thank you or the “I love you.” These are some of the blessings that don’t have a tangible aspect. We need to start being mindful of all the blessings that we have in our lives because when we do our lives will open up to such beauty and an inner peace that only the experience of it will help you to understand it.

Being mindful of our blessings will open up a world where life is good. There is real love to be had and shared and life to be celebrated! Never short change a small blessing as being unimportant or fluff. There are those who think that all of this stuff is trivial. There are also some who feel that connecting with this deep Love is to be serious and reverent. Yes that is correct but not in a groveling sense. It is too important NOT to take it in with a joyous heart. It is to be lived full out and enjoyed and celebrated. This is why I always say, “Let us lift up our hearts to the Lord!” He wants to see our shining faces, he wants to see the joy in our hearts. He wants to see that we are glad to be here to share His Love and Light!

We must celebrate each day and take His blessings into our hearts and express them in a way that honors Him. The more we share the more we have to share and the better we all will be for it. Life is meant to be lived, cried and laughed out loud. So get out and do it, you will feel better for it and so will everyone else!

Peace, Love and Coconuts!

Rev. Don

s/v Margaret Elizabeth

Reclaim Your Personal Power!

Reclaim Your Personal Power!

Here is a video of a talk I gave at the Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis or AAEH meeting on April 14, 2015.  I talk about two major blocks to gaining our power, how to find free love and the secret to world peace!

All this and more are within this video, watch it today!

Reclaim Your Personal Power!

Remember, your personal power is yours and you can do amazing things.

Accomplish what you are destined to do, reclaim your personal power now!

How Do You Find and Claim Your Personal Power?

personal powerHow Do You Find and Claim Your Personal Power?

The first thing you must do is decide to claim your personal power. Easy enough, but how do you do that especially if you don’t know that you have already given away your personal power in the first place?

How do we know that we gave away our personal power? Are we doing what we want to do in life? Are we going through life doing what everyone else wants of us without regard to our own desires? Do we feel unfulfilled as we go about our days? Wherever we are, are we looking to be somewhere else?

If any of these questions strike home then it is time to claim your personal power!

It’s not your fault! … mostly.

You have been programmed since very little to comply with everyone else’s wishes. If you spoke out or tried to claim your own way you were put down, criticized and labeled a troublemaker. Each step of the way you ran into the litany of “fit in” or be ostracized.

We start out in a family and we need to fit in. One way or another we needed to toe the line. We went to school, again, we needed to toe the line. We got this from the teachers and our classmates. We go off to university and get the same thing. We go out into the workplace and if we want a job we “fit in” or we’re out. We do the next things on the list. Get married, start a family, go to the “church of our choice” and “fit in.” We raise 2.5 kids, drive a family car and have a dog.

Now, none of these things are bad, really. They are only bad if we give up our dreams to do them. That is the big difference. If it is not our dream, we should not be doing it. We are creators and how ever we can do that to our best is what we should do.

It was tough as we grew up. You either fit into the mold of everyone else or you were bullied until you did. Some of people were broken by this, some even died either by their own hand or others. This sounds extreme but it is true. There are some people who look at bullying and such pressure as “good” and that somehow it helps one to “grow up” fast. I admit that some people excel with this abuse but most carry the hurt with them for a long time. The extreme on the other side are the ones who decide for revenge and go “postal” on others, sometime not even the original perpetrators are harmed but complete innocents. This is wrong and has nothing to do with moving us forward as a society. There is no good that comes from this behavior.

The purpose of this post is not to bring you down but to point out the importance of claiming your own personal power. Claiming your own personal power will shift you into a life that is full of your own choices and empowerment that will propel you into a life that is fulfilling and positive.

As you empower yourself you empower those around you, the planet and, ultimately, the universe. Only good can come because of this!

Everything is energy; it will go either way you choose. Wouldn’t it be best to bring positive energy into the mix, and more importantly, into your life? I would think that you would choose the positive. Why would anyone not want to bring positive energy into their lives?

Probably because they think they are not good enough to have positive energy in their lives. They are not worthy of this energy. They have been programmed to think that they are not good enough. Just look around and you will see all the negative programming that we are bombarded with daily. Between the media, government, religion, and our own upbringing it is surprising that any of us can even get up in the morning let alone follow any kind of personal dream.

This is a victim mentality! This mindset is unworthy of the person who you are. Max Ehrmann in Desiderata states, “You are a child of the universe and you have a right to be here!” Not only do you have aright to be here but you have a responsibility to yourself and the universe to be the best you can be.

A victim mentality serves no one least of all you! It is time to make the choice to claim your personal power!

If I am in this mess of a life that is negative energy, how am I supposed to get out? How am I supposed to find my personal power?

It is tricky to shift from the negative to the positive but the important thing to remember is that once you decide to make the change, make the choice to the positive, you have set in motion aspects of the universe that will assist you every step of the way. Once you have made the commitment to improve your life and reclaim your personal power you will step forward and achieve whatever you want. This is because we are creators and when we put out the energy of what we want it will manifest.

There is a great deal of information about the Law of Attraction and how it works. One of the most famous speakers is Esther Hicks when she speaks as Abraham. Here is a link that introduces you to her. The Law of Attraction is about how we will attract what we put out. Literally, if you put out negative energy you will attract negative. If you put out positive energy you will attract positive.

“That’s too simple!” you say. It is simple, I say! This is not always easy, but it is simple. That is why so many people toss it off as unimportant. Many concepts that are really pretty simple end up not believed or used because if it is easy then it gets no value. It is sad because some of the most important things in life are really very simple.

How do you claim your personal power?

Evaluate where you are now. Look at your life. Look in the mirror, jot down ideas on paper, listen to the voices in your head. Are you where you want to be? No judgment, just ask the question. Are you happy where you are right now?

Look back at the dreams you used to have when you were younger and the dreams you have now. What ones rise to the top that you would like to manifest? Start today to bring about the change in your life. Choose to step forward towards your dream and you begin to see the change in your life. Just making the choice to change will start the universe in motion to help you achieve whatever you want.

Remember three steps forward and two steps back is still going forward. The more energy you put toward your dreams the easier it will become. The universe will build on your energy and will help you manifest your dreams. You will claim your personal power.

Are you going to alienate everyone and be called selfish because you are claiming your personal power? Maybe some will react this way. Is it worth the risk? Are you willing to let go of some of the millstones that you’ve been hauling throughout your life? When you let go of this excess weight you will be able to fly. You will also find those of your circle that are your true friends, your true family. It is important to surround yourself with those who want you to succeed in your dreams not the dreams they have for you. Remember you are here to claim your personal power, not anyone else’s. Only yours!

Life is a journey. The title of this site is PeaceTraveler because we are all on a journey. It is important to find your journey and start now! It does not matter if you make big changes or little ones. The important issue is that you start making choices based on what will empower you and bring positivity into you life.

The sooner you make this shift, the sooner you can get started on your own personal journey and claim you own personal power!

Hawaiian Shirts Are Cool And We Got Em’!

hawaiian shirts

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I have been wearing Hawaiian shirts for over thirty years and on all but the coldest days will I be wearing a shirt that I chose from my prized collection of Hawaiian shirts.

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Go Find a Real Adventure!

real adventureGo Find a Real Adventure!

You really should go and find yourself a real adventure and start living your life.

Two things are wrong here.  First saying you “should” go and find a real adventure.  The second, that you need to go somewhere to find it.  Don’t ever let anyone “should” on you, not even yourself!  Whenever you allow this to happen, you give away your power.  You don’t want to give away your power!

Where can you go to find some real adventure?  There are many places.  You can just walk out your front door and just keep going.  Real adventure is out there.  Many adventures can be found by looking online for ideas or to book actual trips that are as simple as a cabin in the woods or a trip around the world.  The possibilities are endless!

This link will get you hooked up to over 120,000 adventures.  Check it out for you real adventure!

There are almost too many choices here for your real adventure but it is a place where you can start to get ideas and maybe book something that you are drawn to.

real adventure

Do you need to go away to find your real adventure?

The answer is no, of course not.  Your real adventure needs to start in your mind.  The mind is where we start our journey.  This is our journey of life and the more we connect with this journey in our mind we will be on our real adventure called real life.  Real life is much more than many of us are living today.  Many of us are plodding along looking for something but never finding it because we don’t what it is that we are looking for.

How can we find out what it is that we are looking for?

We can find what we are looking for by going within and paying attention to what we find.  Sometimes this take practice but if we listen, we will find how the real adventure comes through.  We find the beginning of our real adventure and can move to anywhere to find and celebrate life.

We need to celebrate life!

Celebrating life is our real purpose.  We all have come onto this planet to celebrate life.  Some don’t know this yet and are struggling.  Some don’t know this and they are charging through life like a bull in a china shop.  Some are just lost, not knowing which direction to take.  Take some kind of direction.  Start there, Listen inside and then start stepping out.

Taking action will get you started on your path, your real adventure.  Do something, the word act stands for Always-Create-Today.  Do something and you will get something.  If it isn’t what you want then do something else!  You can always keep changing until you start getting what you want.  Do what you want.  Do something that will bring happiness into your life and celebrate!

Real adventure begins with taking action, Always Create Today!

What’s New in The Bookstore!

What’s New in The Bookstore!

BookstoreWe’ve been adding new books in our PeaceTraveler Store!  The first batch is centered around sailing.  This is, of course, my favorite subject and this is where I find my adventure and my peace.

But wait, there’s more!

We have books on all kinds of adventures.  Books on travel, books on how to travel and books on where to travel.  Some of the books are journeys that others have taken and some are how to and we have some fiction thrown in as well.

We hope that you will find something here that will spark the adventurer in you, be it from your armchair, dangling from a climbing rope or the helm of your boat!

Safe and exciting travels!

Good luck on your new adventure in the PeaceTraveler Bookstore!

Recommended Reading ~ Sailing Grace

Recommended Reading ~ Sailing Grace

sailing graceI have just finished and exciting, tense, funny, loving and real sailing adventure book.

A man from Michigan decides to live a dream of going off to sail around the world on his boat, Grace.  One of the best things about sailing in Lake Michigan is that you can sail around the world for there.  Also there’s nothing that will eat you!  Sailing Grace is a book about this adventure.

Now this is pretty adventurous in itself but he does this with his wife and two young children.  Did I tell you, before he goes on this journey he goes through open heart surgery?  Crazy, I know, but what he shares in Sailing Grace, as he goes on this extraordinary journey is nothing less than inspiring.  John shares his innermost joys, sense of wonder and deepest fears as he travels from his home in Michigan, hospital rooms and the sea.

This is book that is almost impossible to put down!  Check it out!

From time to time I will be recommending books and other media that may spark the traveler in you.  Check out our store, PeaceTraveler Suggests.

Definitely recommended reading, Sailing Grace!

We Want to Be Happy, Don’t We?

want to be happy

We Want to Be Happy, Don’t We?

We want to be happy, of course. We all want to be happy but that’s just not possible in this day and age. Just look at all of the horrible things that are going on around the world. How could anyone who is pay attention to what’s going on be happy?

This morning on CBS Morning News I heard that the satisfaction rating on job in America was a low thirty-five percent. That means only a third of all the people are happy with their jobs. They should be luck to have a job, right? What do they have to complain about? Plenty, this is the kind of stress that causes most of the illnesses today.

We want to be happy but how can we bring this about if there is so much dissatisfaction? Look inward and see how we can connect with our inner wisdom and see that that is where we need to build our inner peace and happiness.

When you sign up to my emails you will have an opportunity to download my easy step-by-step guide to meditation or click on this link here.

Once we start to quiet the mind and begin to listen to what’s inside we will find wonderful things. It may seem too noisy at first but as long as you keep at it you will find great wisdom and it’s all inside. Once you tap into this resource you will want to share it with others.

You want to be happy and you will help others to be happy as well. You will begin to celebrate life to the fullest. You will want to go on real adventures that expand your mind and test your limits. You might just find that you have no limits!

You want to be happy so, go ahead, celebrate life!


Where to Go From Here? Learn to Meditate!

Where to Go From Here? Learn to Meditate!

Where would you like to go? You do realize you can go anywhere you want. Do anything you want. The key is to figure out what it is you want to do and where you want to go.

Choices, we have choices, many choices but sometimes we think we are backed into a corner and have no way out, no opening for our next move. The reality is that we only think we have no opening. We only think that we are backed into a corner. As much as it feels that we have no choices, we must remember to make a choice. We must make a choice for ourselves.

Consciously or unconsciously we make many choices based on everyone else’s whims or even what they may think is right for you. These people may think that they have your best interest in mind. The truth is only you know what your best interest really is.

You must stand up for yourself and decide for yourself! Sometimes it is tricky because of all the factors that make up who we are. When we make a decision we receive reactions from others or encounter consequences. Some of these consequences may make us decide differently than we think we want.

So, what do we do? We have many ways we can go. The important thing is to come from our center. We need to remember who we are and come from a place of peace. With all that is constantly going on around us how do we center ourselves? How can we bring our awareness to a point where we can make a conscious decision for ourselves?

We can learn to meditate. Meditation will help to quiet the mind and bring about awareness where we can make a clear choice. Meditation is not as hard as some people make it out to be. There are those who make meditation out to be something magic and even unattainable. This is not true at all. Meditation is about being mindful of the breath. Breathing mindfully will quiet the mind and help to bring peace within.

learn to meditateWe can meditate anywhere. We can meditate anytime. As long as we bring about an awareness of our breath we can learn to meditate. I have a small book available for you if you like. You can download it by signing up here.


This is your link to your FREE BOOK!

Mindful breathing is the start. Once you learn to do this then you can go wherever you like and do what you want to do. Adventures wait for you! Once you start to take control of you life you will find many adventures that will fill your mind body and spirit with the celebration of life.

The time is now for you and those you know. Learn to meditate!